I once spent three days in a Thai hospital.

I can’t read my handwriting after ten minutes.

I guess I have a thick accent. I was riding the train into Boston one day and struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. At the end of the line, he asked me what country I was from. I said, “Wisconsin.” He said, “wow, cool.”

I have an awesome wife.

I work a lot with numbers.

One time I ran a marathon and a guy running barefoot blew by me. Later, a guy with one leg passed me, too.

NASCAR is way more strategic than you can ever know.

When I snore, the bed shakes.

I learned the hard way never to wear a silver disco shirt in public.

I have a weak spot for all kinds of flavored milk (and soy milk, and almond milk, and coconut milk). The other day I even saw Oreo-flavored milk.

I can count to ten in Finnish but I have trouble spelling ‘blonde’ (or is it ‘blond’?...'its' and 'it’s' trips me up, too).

I have the weirdest, most vivid dreams, and I remember almost all of them. I don’t share most of them, because then people would think I’m some sort of freak. Sometimes I do share, though.