Friday, 05 August 2016 01:44

A Lesson in Investing

I enjoyed reading this article by Tammer Kamel, founder and CEO of Quandl, an informational system I have found tremendously useful in my day job.

The bit about the French actors inquiring about wheat for Napoleon's army was especially entertaining.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015 00:34

Grigori, Armored Humvees and Cows

[from Chapter 16]

Justin opened up his copy. “Last year, it looks like you took a $30 million charge for investing in new equipment. But I could not find anywhere what kind of equipment it was.”

The Russian said, “Ah, yes. That was our capital equipment purchased with a view toward enhancing our security.”

“Security?” Justin asked.

“Yes, security. You see, the more secure we are, the less our enemies can touch us.” Grigori stood up abruptly. “In fact, why don’t I show you what that 30 million bought us?” He gestured for Justin to follow him. They left the office and walked through an underground tunnel about the length of a football field. They went up a stairway and stepped out into a giant warehouse, which they had seen from the outside on the way in. Justin looked around as Grigori proudly displayed the capital purchase.

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