I used to work at a mutual fund, but I find the world of less regulated hedge funds so much more interesting. You'll find plenty more in my debut novel LIONS.

Friday, 05 August 2016 01:44

A Lesson in Investing

I enjoyed reading this article by Tammer Kamel, founder and CEO of Quandl, an informational system I have found tremendously useful in my day job.

The bit about the French actors inquiring about wheat for Napoleon's army was especially entertaining.

Come to think of it, that sounds like something right out of Eliot's playbook. In my first novel, LIONS, Eliot is Justin's boss and manager of Crystal Ball, a hedge fund with out-of-this world returns. Consider Justin's reaction during his interview after Eliot creates a little alpha of his own:

Justin just stood in silence. The SEC did not look kindly up-on ‘front-running’. Eliot had done the equivalent of a highly illegal triple axel, fronting his own trades before the fund’s, and then compounding everything by igniting a rumor, probably false, to his own benefit.

Kamel's article gives a brief overview of various investment misinformation and malefactors and is a reminder that as surely as one winning edge fades out, another one will break through, as surely as fools are separated from their money.

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