Rammstein. New Order. Enough said. Well, actually, not enough said. I'm not a snob about anything else.

Sunday, 19 April 2015 11:17

Who are Grace and Tony?

I'll get to that later. Those who know me know I'm partial to bands of the electronic/industrial persuasion, ranging from to New Order to Hybrid to best of the best: Rammstein. I listen to music whenever I'm not in meetings; if I'm lucky, I can get in four hours or more in a day. Since I am very picky about what I listen to, I am pretty harsh when it comes to anything new that doesn't quite fit the bill. If something strange pops up in Pandora, I am skipping that song faster than you can say 'music snob.'


Our friends Jason and Mary hosted a house concert last night. I didn't know anything about the band or how Jason heard of them, much less how they came to be playing at their house, but I was just looking forward to a night out with the Mrs. After spending time socializing and watching the band set up, we took our seats on one of the couches. A married couple fronted: the guy with a guitar and the woman with a mandolin. A drummer, a bassist and a cellist rounded out the rest. As the last few people sat down, I reached for a beer and tried to keep an open mind.

A house concert in action

And they killed it.

They played with fury and passion, and I had no idea what kind of music it was. But I loved it. Later on I learned their specialty is 'punkgrass.' And that's exactly what it sounded like. And I don't care what kind of music you like: Country, Rap, Hip-hop, Rock, whatever. For me, the lesson was clear: always keep an open ear.

So who are Grace and Tony, you ask? They're the married couple, and they ROCK, that's who they are. Check them out.

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